Περιγραφή εικόνας

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Beeforce is an inovative beekepping company from Heraklion Greece ,after 2 years of using enzymes from a wide range of suppliers we decided to import the leading European invertase enzyme of 200.000SU activity.Our main goal importing invertase enzymes is to supply beekeepers the best materials at lowest prices. Our ability to import invertase directly at big quantities give us the advantage of having real analysis on every batch of enzyme besides the product specs.

We can supply invertase in small and bulk quantities covering the needs of worldwide market

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advantages on using invertase enzyme in beekeeping

  • Invertase is a natural enzyme which naturally occurs in bees and it is nessesary for breaking sucrose (crystal sugar) to fructose and glucose which absorbed directly by bees
  • Inversion of  sugars increase self life of final products and increases water holding capacity keeping them softer for longer periods.
  • Enzymatic inversion gives a constant result of inversion without any catastrophic side effects for bees such as HMF increment
  • A sugar syrup inverted by 50% gives 20% raise in sweetness
  • Feeding bees with inverted syrups helps them against nossemia fight  
Περιγραφή εικόνας